Saturday, December 17, 2016

Black Bean Chili

3 12 oz. bags of frozen mixed colored bell peppers and onions

4 15 oz. cans of black beans

2 15 oz cans of red beans*

2 15 oz cans of diced tomatoes

1 6 oz can of tomato paste

2 Tbs. of chili powder†

cooking oil.

1. Open the cans of beans dump them into a colander and rinse the goo from the can off of them. The goo contains calcium chloride and is there to keep the beans from turning to mush.

2. Cover the bottom of the pot with the cooking oil. Saute the pepper and onion mix until the onions are cooked and most of the water has evaporated.

3. Add the chili powder to the cooked pepper and onions mix, and stir and cook a bit until the chili powder has dispersed and dissolved a bit. This should only take a minute or two, but you do not want the powder to lump up.

4. Add the diced tomatoes to the pot and stir. Cook until they the ingredients start to simmer.

5. Add the beans and bring to a boil.

6. Add the tomato paste.

7. Bring to a boil, and reduce the heat to simmer for at little while.

Makes about 3 quarts.

*Yes, I know, it says black bean chili. But, it is my recipe. I detest the very existence of kidney beans and would never put them in a dish I prepared. If I could not use red beans, I would go with white beans, or maybe pintos.

†I use the Regular Chili Powder from Penzeys. I have also used Spice Islands. If you want to use hotter mixes, or you want to add cayenne, Tabasco, or Sriracha, go for it.

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