Monday, November 21, 2016

Never believe anything you see on TV

I don't watch cooking shows on television. Indeed, I watch very little television other than sports. But, I had seen and heard of Guy Fieri and his Food Network show "Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives ". I figured he was a man after my own heart. Wrong again:
TV's Guy Fieri says he's hooked on greens
By Associated Press  • 

Of all the celebrity chefs out there, there's one you'd least expect to sing the praises of spinach, kale and Brussels sprouts: Guy Fieri. The spiky-haired champion of American comfort food is more associated with greasy chili dogs than salad, the fryer over the fig. But that's not where his food passions lie.

"I'm a big greens fan. I'm a big vegetable fan. I'm a big whole-grains fan. And I exercise alot. That's how I keep this petite dancer's figure," he said, laughing. "A lot of people misinterpret what I do."

Fieri has built a food career on a certain amount of flash with a rock-star image complete with tattoos and jewelry, a fleet of yellow muscle cars and high-octane dishes including Bacon Mac 'n' Cheese Burgers. But he's also raised a family in the same northern California house for the past 20 years, eats a burger maybe once a month, considers culinary innovator Jose Andres a hero, and says things such as "I cannot get enough farro."

Both sides of the chef are featured in his new cookbook, "Guy Fieri Family Food," ...
Another TV image turns out to be tinsel. I am too old be very disappointed, but sheesss.

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