Sunday, June 24, 2012

Middle class? Upper Middle Class? My foot!

Middle class? Upper Middle Class? My foot!

The Blogfather ran an item today:

Julie Gerstein: Let’s Stop With This “Having It All” Crap. “Being able to ask if ‘you’re having it all’ comes from such a place of middle-class privilege it makes my head spin.”

Actually, it’s upper-middle-class privilege. Most of the debate about feminism is an occupation of upper-middle-class women. Which is why nobody asks — or cares — about whether men can “have it all.” ...
 And it kind of bothered me:

The middle class is (using CBO's 2007 numbers) the 3rd and 4th quintiles of income from roughly $35,000 to $75,000. The fifth (highest) quintile is north of $75,000. The top 10% begins at  $103,000, top 10% at about $142,000, and the infamous top 1% at $353,000.

Now where do you suppose Ann Marie Slaughter (the original subject of this whole flap) sits in the grand scheme of things. She and her Princeton prof husband are easily clearing $500,000 in cash earnings. And are easily in the top 1%, but more importantly, they are professors at Princeton (Not Trenton State CC) and she has had a Deanship at Princeton and a top job in the State department.

I think this is a member of the Ruling Class.

Of course, Princeton profs are notoriously unconscious of their place in the great food chain of life:

"You see, the rich are different from you and me: they have more influence."

"The Angry Rich" By Paul Krugman

Oh, yes, and the worst Ruling Class ever.

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